Monday, November 5, 2012

Berry Easy



Dress: Heavenly Couture
Tights: thrifted Hue (they were unopened, yesss...)
Shoes: old Seychelles
Lipstick: Revlon Blackberry

Last summer I was walking down Main Street in Seal Beach with family and decided to check out a little store there called Heavenly Couture, where I found this dress. It cracks me up when fast fashion retailers have “couture” in their names, and fast fashion this dress was at $15, but I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s great for work because of the sleeves and simple print, but I also wear it on the weekends when I have to run a lot of errands and be on my feet since I like how it looks with flats.

Well, awkward segue, tomorrow is finally Election Day. Jasen and I already voted by mail, but we’re going to our neighbor’s apartment to watch the news after work. She lives in the upstairs of that white house behind me, which is divided into five apartments. I noticed we have an almost full bottle of blueberry lemonade in the fridge that expires tomorrow and an almost full bottle of rum (we don’t drink’s left over from a party months or maybe over a year ago), so I figured I’d make cocktails out of those ingredients and call them “Blue States.”



  1. Really cute dress, particularly with the berry tights. And Election Day cocktails sound like fun. :)

  2. This is so so cute! What a great deal on that dress. It's definitely perfect for work with the sleeves. I'm loving the pretty color of your tights too. Have a fun election day cocktail news-watching time!

  3. This dress is really sweet and the berry tights set it off nicely. The Blue States cocktails sound like a great idea to ring in the new president :)

  4. you got quite a bargain on that dress. I dont know if I would call it couture but it is cute :)

  5. Happy belated elections day! And you look absolutely adorable! Love the deep colored tights!!
    xo TJ

  6. That is such a great dress, what a great find for $15! Couture or not it's cute

  7. Really cute dress! Very flattering, polka dots, long sleeves, it couldn't be any better. Great thrift find! I love it how you paired it with burgundy tights and smart mary janes. Perfect :)

  8. i love everything about this dress ...



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