Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meow Hiss



Top: thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Aldo

Hey, I’m back! I ended up taking a blogging break because our 6’2” muscled paranoid schizophrenic neighbor was going through a kind of scary, violent phase and hanging around outside all the time shouting at people, so Jasen and I basically were just leaving the apartment to go to our cars as fast as possible. I guess we could have driven somewhere else to take photos, but neither of us really has time for that between work and errands. Our neighbor apparently has moved away now, though, I think to stay with his family.

So, the outfit…well, I found this top at Savers, which I visited for the first time recently. I went to one in Anaheim with my mom because she was on vacation and staying with my aunt nearby. I’m not sure if the print on this top is supposed to be cheetah, snake or some random combination, but I like it, especially because it’s kind of cropped and boxy without looking too baggy.

Aaaaand…we’ve adopted two more cats, Boris and Sascha!

Boris on Table 1

Boris Proud

Boris Close 2

Sascha by Fence 1

Meowing Sascha

Fluffy Sascha

Boris and Sascha on Chair 2

A family living in an apartment building near us was just letting a bunch of kittens run wild, so we decided to take these two since they’re bonded to each other and have been hanging out together all the time. They are so sweet. I guess we’re kind of turning into crazy cat people with three now in a one-bedroom apartment. But how could we say no to those faces?? Boris is the black and white one, and Sascha is the tabby and white.


  1. awww cats. No, you could not resist to those sweet faces! Lovely! Glad to see you're back, wow that neighbor yelling at people sounds awful!

  2. EEeee that neighbor! My friends dealt with something similar but the family didn't want him back and anywhere near them!

    Congrats on rescuing your new kitties! I hope they can get that mom fixed! Maybe there's a low-cost voucher program?

  3. Wow, that neighbor sounds kinda ridiculous haha, that's convenient he moved away though :D I love that top with your skirt. I like boxy shirts a lot, but I always have trouble finding one that's the perfect length for my boy body so it doesn't look silly :P Also, thoooose cats are adorable. :)

  4. cute new little friends ... they deserve a goo and welcoming home. crazy cat people are best! :)



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