Friday, January 28, 2011

Coral of the Story

Skirt: Banana Republic, found at Buffalo Exchange
Tank: thrifted, no tag
Camisole: Nordstrom
Cardigan: Jessica Howard
Shoes: Target

I’ll have to make my post snappy today because I have a big ol’ freelance writing project hanging over my head. I traded for this pretty Banana Republic coral skirt at Buffalo Exchange a couple of years ago, and I love the color! I would like to try it with a navy top sometime, but amazingly, I don’t own one. I found the lace tank I’m wearing in the lingerie section at Quality Thrift in Montclair for either $0.79 or $1.99...I can’t remember right now, but whatever the price was, it was cheap, and this tank looks very similar to others I’ve seen priced at $30. Oh, and finally, as you can see, our cat Zeus wanted to be in the blog again today!


  1. LOVE THIS PICTURE. Seriously one of my favourites.

    Yey, freelance!(?)



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