Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifted Thursday No. 36

Sweater: thrifted vintage Cuddle Knits
Skirt: thrifted J. Crew
Shoes: thrifted Libby Edelman
Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick in Fire and Ice

Wow, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! It seems like whenever I’m wearing an all-thrifted outfit something gets in the way and photos are not to be that day. But I’m glad it worked out this morning because, even though it might seem silly, I really like creating outfits that are completely secondhand but still look pulled together. Plus, I’m cheap and get a kick out of wearing an outfit that cost less than $20.

I guess I get that from my dad. My siblings and I used to call him Father Frugal because he wouldn’t buy us Oreos, only Hydrox (anyone else remember those?), and if he bought Fruit Roll-Ups, he would hide them in the trunk of his car so he we couldn’t just go help ourselves. Also, if Cheerios were on sale, he would stockpile them in the pantry. I guess when you have four kids you kind of have to be like that. I can’t imagine being able to afford even one rugrat, especially with the cost of living in California.


  1. love ur sweater n skirt! d colors r perfect! :)
    new post up

  2. Mmmmm this sweater just always looks so comfy! I can see why them called them Cuddle Knits! And the colour is pretty on you...really love the bright/neutral together.

    <3 Cambria

  3. the color of your blouse is so pretty and looks wonderful on you. My father in law is way cheap. I remember a story my husband was telling me about when him and his sister really wanted to get a boogie board but their dad wouldnt buy them a new one so instead he bought one at the pawn shop and I guess the previous owners had an accident with it cause their was still dried blood on it. Thats cheap.

  4. There were four of us as well and we had no money growing up in southern California. My dad was an art teacher and mom stayed at home. We totally had boxed and canned food and shopped at Marshalls etc. When I was young I hated buying discount clothing and now I love it. I guess it sometimes takes a while to appreciate your roots :)
    Cute shoes!!!

  5. The color of your sweater is so so pretty! I love when an outfit is entirely thrifted too. It's like a victory when an outfit costs a ridiculously low price.

  6. Haha, your father sounds exactly like my mother! As one of seven kids, off brand Oreos were the only kind we got!

    Yay for completely thrifted outfits! I have the hardest time getting all thrifted outfits because of the big feet can never fit into cute vintage heels that abound in my area.

  7. Love this sweater.
    My experiences growing up were somewhat the same. We never had name brand anything, and my parents were pretty frugal with the snacks. Maybe it's just because we didn't have a lot of money, but I think most parents tend to start pinching pennies.

  8. Your sweater is so cute- I love the color! And that's so amazing that your entire outfit cost less than $20!



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