Monday, November 28, 2011

This Is What Happens...

Top: thrifted
Cardigan: Windsor
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Naturalizer

...when I get dressed in a hurry. I’m wearing black and white with a cardigan, and my skirt is on crooked. Yeah, that’s the side seam up in front there on my right.

Tomorrow I have to report for jury duty at the courthouse in downtown L.A. Normally I would be really upset about this, but for the first time in my life, I’m working for a company that — gasp — PAYS its employees when they’re serving jury duty! I know, classy. However, I don’t think they’ll be too happy if they have to do that for me when I’ve only been working there a month, so hopefully I won’t get put on a jury.


  1. You look fantastic! I love the black & white combo with the pop of yellow. Very classy look!!

  2. Look at your tiny little waist in that skirt :)

  3. I think this outfit is very cute...the yellow is a lovely pop of colour :) Good luck with the jury duty..I would say 'looking forward to hearing all about it' but not so sure that's allowed!!

  4. I think this combo is actually really cute! I've never been called up for Jury Duty before but it seems like it'd be kind of boring/nerve wracking. Good luck on not being picked ;)

  5. you look really cute for getting dressed in a hurry. Last time I flew out the door in a hurry and there was paint in my hair and a deodorant stain on my black dress. Now thats classy

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  6. Naw, I don't think your company will be upset. NORMAL PLACES understand that's just part of being a citizen and don't punish their employees for it.

    I hope jury duty goes ok! I've only done it once here and it wasn't bad. The likelihood of it being any sort of involved case is pretty slim as well.

    PS Your getting dressed in a hurry looks better than I do on any daily basis.

  7. i would have never noticed that crooked seam, you look fab as usual.

    i never been chosen for jury duty either and always been relieved. but if you're getting paid why not? your job will have to understand. the questions is, do they let you use your laptop in the jury booth? (that would be awesome) :)

  8. even dressed in a hurry, you manage to look just as cute as ever. love the cardigan it's the best buttery colour!

    <3 cambria

  9. I wish this was what happened when I get dressed in a hurry! That skirt is adorable :)

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