Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Stripes

Top: H&M
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I love striped tees, especially this one, even though my boobs kind of distort the stripes. I wish I’d bought more of these long-sleeved tops at H&M, actually. This one is very comfortable and long enough to wear with skinny jeans. Also, the sleeves haven’t shrunk up after washing. They still come down to my wrists, and I have somewhat long arms. I guess this outfit isn’t too exciting, but I liked how the black and tan of the top worked with the military green skirt.


  1. You look great Heather this outfit is perfect I love everything about it!!

    I could def see you rocking it with skinnies too so cute :)

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Sometimes I like the simple outfits the best. But I feel the same way - I wore something similar Thursday but didn't take a picture because I hadn't bothered to wear any accessories, although it was a perfectly fine outfit.

  3. I'm in love with striped tees as well. I recently bought a tiny, little black and white striped dress for my friend's baby and thought, "I want one in my size."

  4. Damn you got nice legs, Heather!!!

    I've been getting into simple outfits like this, too. Especially long sleeves and skirts. Sometimes you don't need to yell to make a statement ;)

  5. Well I love the outfit, it's very feminine and chic!!


  6. I love striped shirts like these. It's like a little bumble be outfit!

  7. girl. your legs look miles long. i also love striped things. especially in shirt form. i tried on a perfect h&m one and i wish i had gotten it then.

  8. The striped top definitely looks cute with your army green skirt! Every time you wear that skirt it reminds me that I want one in that shade



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