Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Tie Event

Sweater: thrifted
Dress: H&M
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Reflections

I’ll be spending this Oscars night at my neighbor’s apartment party, probably sitting on the floor with champagne and cheese, so while I want to look somewhat festive, I also want to be comfortable. That’s why I’m wearing a dress with black bow ties with a loose sweater over it and tights.

Have you ever gone to an Oscars party where people seriously dressed up? I haven’t, but I think that would be pretty awesome. I even have a fancy silver dress with jeweled straps that I got super on sale when I worked at MyShape waiting for such an occasion.


  1. This is so darn cute! I love the bowtie-event Oscar nod!

    And that little boxy sweater... AUGH SO CUTE!!!

    Have fun tonight! Next year we should co-host a Mad Men-ish oscar party. Of course, this will require one of us to get cable television ;)

  2. You always find the most adorable prints!
    Have a wonderful time

  3. i would attend an oscar party if i seriously got to dress up.

  4. I love the bow-tie detail...very Oscars appropriate!! I think a black-tie Oscars party would be the best thing ever...complete with fake golden statuettes :) I'm going to watch the Oscars in my pjs tonight so spending the day trying to avoid finding out the results - which is no mean feat!

  5. The print on that dress is so cute! I hope you had a fun time at the Oscars party! I've never been to one, not even an un-fancy one, but I kind of dig the idea of going to a really fancy one.

  6. Cute little bow print, darling! Love the pointelle sweater, so dainty and perfect with those bows.

    <3 Cambria

  7. your bow skirt is wicked cute and is perfect for a relaxed Oscar viewing party. I've never been to a fancy Oscar party either but that does sound like a lot of fun.

  8. Omg I am soooooooo behind on all my blogging comments!

    I really like this outfit- the teal with the black and white.

    My friend was just writing about an Oscar party like that! Everyone was dressed up, served drinks and they had a huge projector for the ceremony. At the end of the evening the hosts' kids came up and gave everyone statuettes for attending. That's like some Martha Stuart right there!

  9. You look so cute! I love your adorable outfit!


  10. i don't think i've ever even been to an oscars party period... maybe that's because i don't live near LA anymore. i don't know. it sounds fun. especially with champagne & cheese. i love your UO tights and the skirt. so cute.



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