Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Sundress


Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Naturalizer
Lipstick: Revlon Love That Red

I like how this dress has a somewhat dropped waist but not too much because a true drop-waist silhouette doesn’t flatter my body type at all. This was the perfect easy thing to throw on for dinner in Downtown L.A. at Cole’s, which is an old-timey (I think it’s been in operation since 1906) french dip restaurant. I’d heard that some people dress in 1920s attire to go there, mainly for the “speakeasy” type bar in back, so I wanted to wear something with that feeling while staying comfortable in the heat and not looking like I was in costume.


  1. I think this dress looks great on you! I'm right there with you about a true dropped waist. I think it looks so awkward on me. And makes me look about 5 years old.

  2. i am in LOVE with your pretty and darling blog



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