Sunday, April 29, 2012


Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Tignanello
Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick in Rose Velvet

I love wearing orange, and I felt very “So Cal” in this shift dress today. After Jasen took these photos of me, we noticed that the loquat tree in our apartments’ communal area was filled with fruit. I haven’t tried any of the loquats yet, but Jasen ate a bunch of them last year and said they were really good. I feel like we can’t let these go to waste (no one else seems to be picking them), and I keep wondering if we could make a pie out of them or something.

On our way back to our apartment, we saw our neighbors’ cat Loki sleeping on a lounge chair. Loki is pretty old, but he plays with Zeus sometimes. He also makes a meow that sounds like he’s calling out “Joe” (our neighbor’s name) at the door when he wants to be let in! I’m not kidding; I’ve heard him several times, and he definitely sounds like he’s calling Joe’s name.


  1. This orange dress is awesome! Very summery. The contrasting blue shoes were a perfect choice to pair with it.

    Also, that's pretty awesome that the cat says "joe". I'd love to hear that! haha

  2. What a gorgeous dress! Love the gingham & I really like it with the turquoise shoes.

    I've never even heard of a loquat

  3. The orange dress is gorgeous and I love the blue shoes with it - you always match such pretty colours where I'd have erred on the safe and boring side. I had never heard of loquats either but I have seen them on a holiday and just didn't know what they were so thanks for clearing that one up for me :)

  4. Wow, I love your summery colors! It's amazing how fast these past months have flown by... I can't believe spring is half over! Reading your blog always gave me a welcome respite while I was working, especially your posts about visiting your sister. It was great to travel vicariously through your blog!

    I looked up recipes online for loquats, and there seems to be a few interesting ones. "Loquat Crumble" sounds nice. Maybe we should try to make something with them next time we have a visit. I read that it's good to have a helper when cooking with loquats, because it takes a long time to pit them. I bet they would work well in any recipe as a substitute for cherries- apparently they have the same kind of texture/consistency.

    See you soon, & have a great work week!

  5. what a great little dress! You look so summery and cute in it, like you are off to have a picnic.

  6. That dress is so darling...the orange color is perfect and the teal shoes compliment it so well. :)

    There's a crabapple tree by where my dad works, and every year when it's just covered in crabapples me and my friends always eat grab a few to eat. I hate seeing them go to waste...even if they are crabapples, haha. Hope you can find a yummy recipe in which you can use those loquats. :)

    Hahaha, the story about your neighbor's cat sounds like a video that should be on America's Funniest Home Videos along with videos of dogs saying "I love you". (Totes seen that on there's hilarious/cute.)


  7. This post makes me happy that summer is just about upon us! I'm typing this next to an open window and beside my cat who is sprawled on his back, enjoying the nice breeze. Ahhhhh!

    ...I've never heard of a loquat before, but I'm always down for free fruit. ;)

  8. so summery... love the mix of the orange with the bright turquoise of those cute shoes...

  9. I love that little orange dress- especially with the turquoise shoes. I recently bought some really similar ones from UO in pink. I love them.



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