Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Floral Meets Coral

Romper: thrifted Wet Seal
Skirt: thrifted Banana Republic
Shoes: Target

Rompers are already kind of impractical and layering a skirt on top of one is probably kind of ridiculous, but I tend to have a hard time pairing different tops with this skirt and was happy to see that this romper looked pretty good with it. This romper also has a cool plunging back that I tried to show off for the camera, but all the photos turned out super lame and awkward looking. I need to practice back shots! 


  1. I wouldnt have thought to pair a romper with a skirt but it totally works.

  2. A romper and a skirt, never would have thought about it...great idea!


  3. I am in love with that skirt! Perfect color. Perfect fit. And it looks great with that top (or romper lol) ;)

  4. And PS the new website layout is GORGEOUS!!! :)

  5. This is gorgeous! I love all of these colors together. Getting out of a romper is so difficult for me sometimes I hate to think of layering things over them, but it clearly can be so cute!

  6. Dude... this totally works, and I LOVE the colors together...


    How did you pee?! Hahaha, just kidding ;)



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