Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifted Thursday No. 38

Top: thrifted Old Navy
Cardigan: thrifted Muni Basic
Skirt: thrifted vintage
Shoes: thrifted vintage Howard Fox
Lipstick: Revlon Love that Red

I’m glad this is a Thrifted Thursday post because I just worked an 11-hour day and I am way too tired to write a creative title. At least tomorrow is Friday! 

I’ve found that I really like black and blue together. This top has been sitting in my closet forever without getting worn, even though I think it’s cute. When I bought it at Quality Thrift, my sister said it was “meh,” so I think I’ve been avoiding it out of insecurity. Well, it is just an Old Navy top, but I love the color and polka dots in general.


  1. geez, 11 hours. You must be exhausted, although it doesnt show in these photos. You look cute as a button (and I really like the top)

  2. What a simple yet put together outfit! I love your shoes!! And I cannot tell you how adorable I find your background!! You have such a lovely blog!

    x Aliya
    Hill Side Story: Personal Style Blog

  3. i'd love tjo wear this outfit at work too. oh, but i'm still on holidays and actually i don't want to think about work ... hahaha. love your shoes - i always love your shoes ;)



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