Sunday, March 31, 2013

Red, Blue, Yellow

Picture 003

Picture 018

Top: Frenchi from Nordstrom Rack
Skirt: Forever 21 from Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Aldo
Lipstick: Revlon Fire and Ice

Hey, Happy Easter if you celebrate! This outfit isn’t very Eastery or springy (I wore it yesterday for brunch with friends). I thought it was cool, though. I’ve done the primary colors thing several times, but this is my favorite combination so far. This is the first time the top has been blue, and I think that works best for me since I like to wear red lipstick.


  1. That skirt is such an awesome color! Yay, Buffalo Exchange! Hope you had a great Easter! :D

  2. Primary colors are possible my favorite color combination ever. I just love all of your short sleeved sweaters too. This one looks fantastic with your yellow skirt.



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