Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flower Pants



Top: Urban Outfitters
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Miz Mooz from Nordstrom Rack
Lipstick: Revlon Fire and Ice

Yes, I have jumped on the floral skinny pant bandwagon. These were $15 at H&M, half off the original price, and I thought the photographic print was really pretty. Also, they were surprisingly flattering (though they did stretch out and sag a bit after I wore them for a while, grrr…). I first tried pairing them with a black and pale pink striped T-shirt first, resulting in an outfit that Jasen said looked “crazy,” so I chickened out and wore them with a simple top. I do want to try wearing them with stripes, though, at some point…maybe a stripe pattern where the lines are thinner and more subtle.


  1. I have these pants too! I got them on clearance for $10 so I had to buy them and jump on the floral pants bandwagon. They were surprisingly flattering and I find that a belt definitely helps with the stretching out. They look so adorable on you and I can't wait to see the other ways you style them!

  2. i'm totally all over the floral skinny pant bandwagon...especially if you can get them inexpensively. that way when we possibly fall off this bandwagon, we don't feel too horribly about spending too much. i found mine at this cheap-o shop here in hk for probably the same amount. love how they look on you, heather.


  3. These floral pants look great on you! I really need to get my hands on a pair, they just always look so cute. The little bow on your top is so sweet too!

  4. Rahhhhhgh, I love this outfit!!! I really want floral pants, now, too, after seeing you look so chic in them.

    Hahaha, I can't help but love how candid Jasen is about his fashion opinions! I think my favorite one is when you came out in that watercolor floral dress (that I own now) and he started chanting "Toga! Toga! Toga!" Bwahaha X-D It totally didn't look like a toga, but it's just funny that his mind went there!

  5. Those floral pants are so pretty! you look wonderful :)



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