Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrifted Thursday No. 5

Top, skirt, belt, bag and shoes: thrifted

This is late going up because of the Blogger maintenance issues that I’m sure most of you also ran into. But here is what I wrote yesterday:

I went thrifting today in my all-thrifted outfit but didn’t buy anything at either of the stores I visited (ACTS and the Pasadena Goodwill). Goodwill was charging $24.99 for a pair of plain white Naturalizer pumps! They were maybe 20 to 25 years old, I guess, but not in the greatest condition. What are you thinking, Goodwill?


  1. I hope blogger will restore my last post :( I'm totally pissed off at blogger. You look superpretty though. The pink floral looks great with the teal skirt! and expensive secondhand stuff totally gets me pissed off.

  2. OH blogger.

    haha I know, Goodwill always has random ridiculous prices. I actually just stopped going there all together =[

    Very classy outfit..I really like the color of your skirt!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  3. Yes, to the blogger maintenance issues. Upside? I got caught up on my emails. And I have to say this outfit is SO lovely, I'm smitten with the beautiful hues, and adore the gorgeous pop of florals. Hope you're having a wonderful Friday. xx veronika

  4. love love the skirt. the color is just phenomenal and i love the classic shape. really fabulous

  5. I have definitely gone into public outrage at goodwill pricing before. I'm not proud. Love this whole look though. :)

  6. I get so mad when charity shops and the prices are big, that happened to me last week, this street had 3 and the prices just kept getting higher from the first to the last. I was so mad that the last one had dresses for almost 20£ when I can easily can get dresses for 3-5£.
    Anyway, you look supercute with that fresh haircut and red shoes can make an outfit pop.

  7. awhmaygawd, you look the custest! ^^ love this fifties sweetness :) x

  8. Blogger gobbled up the nice comment you left me, but thankfully I was able to read the hard copy in my e-mail. Yes, New Hampshire is similar to New York in terms of greenery. I love how vast and varied our country is. Lush greenery, deserts, prairies, mountains. There's so much to experience!

    I love the color of your skirt. It reminds me of a pretty gemstone. Or the ocean :)

  9. I love how you thrifted all this, and it's all so lovely.


  10. Dude, for that price you could buy nice brand new shoes. What the hey?



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