Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Pomona Arts Colony

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Tignanello

Jasen regularly contributes to a local free publication called Inland Empire Weekly, and since he often interviews bands for his articles, he sometimes receives free concert tickets. This evening he took me to see The Horrors at The Glass House in the Pomona Arts Colony, which is a cool little revitalized downtown area of Pomona.

We got to Pomona pretty early and walked around, so I took some photos. I was afraid to try bringing my camera into the concert, so I don’t have any photos of that, but if you’d like to see what the Pomona Arts Colony is like, some of my photos are below!

This vintage store has been around forever! I remember going here in high school, and I still regret not buying a belted white ’50s dress covered with blue atomic symbols that I once found here when I was a teenager.

Temptation! But since I spent money on dresses at the flea market yesterday, I didn’t buy anything at La Bomba today.

I wish Futures Collide had been open. It’s full of gorgeous, very expensive mid-century modern furniture and appliances. The sign in their window said they’re only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We found a stack of copies of the IE Weekly issue with Jasen’s Horrors article.

We had a delicious dinner for about $17 plus the tip at Casa Jimenez.

I liked this alley.

And the sky looked amazing.


  1. Sounds like a fun night I have never heard of The Horrors I am going to check them out now.

  2. Great shots :)
    Sounds like you had a fun night out!

    I wish we had vintage shops like that here, one day I'm going to visit your side of the world just to go to as many as I can!!

  3. You do have the best skirts. Love the photos! And very cool you got to see The Horrors :) My husband does the same thing sometimes, he'll write reviews or interviews and sometimes get free tickets to shows. Jasen's wearing the new jacket right? It looks great! :)

  4. Spunds like a fantastic afternoon, you guys are adorable! Love your bow shirt. Your guy is a cutie as well :)

  5. Lovely pics...there seems to be such a wealth of great vintage treasure troves where you live. I especially love your pic of the lampost with the scattered clouds overhead. And you and your husband look very sweet together :)

  6. your top is so cute, love the bow! I cant believe you were able to walk past 10 dresses and not get one...thats some serious self control.

  7. you look so gorgeous in that last photo. bomb.shell. and i loooove that top. you were so close to my family - they live in claremont, which is i think just a town or two over from pomona. maybe next time i'm visiting them we'll have to arrange for some kind of meetup. . .

  8. I love those pictures of you two! SO CUTE! I like how in the first one you're giving Jasen a look, then the next you're like, "Oh well!" smiling at the camera. Haha!

    The top you wore is also ace. I always see those tops and think they are like, ultra hip.

  9. Sounds like a great day! That sky shot is amazing :)

  10. So many great pictures in this post! That $10 rack looks tempting.

    I really like your skirt because it reminds me of one I thrifted a while back but haven't worn yet. Mine's completely wool though so it's too warm for now!



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