Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifted Thursday No. 22

Sweater, skirt and shoes: thrifted

When I saw this skirt flung over a rack in the long-sleeved shirts section at Goodwill, I immediately thought, “Forever 21.” Yep, sure enough, it is from them. And it was everything I was looking for — colorful, lightweight, machine washable — plus it had a green tag on a day when all green tag items were 50% off, so I was able to get it for $2.50.

PS: I nearly died laughing at this after my friend Jessica posted it on Facebook this morning. Maybe you’ve seen it before, but if not, enjoy!


  1. great finds! i'm particularly smitten by your skirt.

  2. This skirt is so cute on you. Also I love Timothy McSweeney!

  3. The colour palette is just gorgeous! I can't believe that skirt was only $2.50, what a great find xo

    P.s That link was hilarious!!

  4. Such a pretty outfit and I can't believe that skirt was such a bargain! And machine washable...I just spent yesterday afternoon at my kitchen sink handwashing all my lovely dye-bleeding skirts! That monologue was ingenious...I'll never use Comic Sans again without thinking of this :)

  5. Your thrift finds are so much better and cheaper than what we get in Australia sob sob!

  6. Such pretty colors in this outfit. I love how perfectly that sweater matches the purple in your skirt.

  7. That color looks amazing on you, and that skirt is gorgeous. Great look!

  8. i wasn't much around in blogland... just busy with getting back to work and organizing all the things that have to be prepered for the fashion flea market on sunday.
    so i missed so much great outfit post from you.

    this pink-ish one is so great. love everything about it.



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