Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perfect Black Sweater

Sweater: H&M
T-shirt: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Naturalizer

I bought this sweater at H&M on Sunday, and I love it! I also bought it in dark teal/green because, as I mentioned in my last post, they were having a “buy one, get one free” sale. The quality seems pretty decent, plus the length is great to go with skirts and over dresses.

I was going to wear another skirt from my sample sale adventure today, but I realized when I put it on that it needs to be altered to fit right. I was annoyed because I really wanted to wear it today, although this bright skirt turned out to be a good substitute. And I have to admit that, even though I wear tights in lots of colors, I feel best in a black pair with a fun pattern.


  1. Love the sweater! You look great Heather :)

  2. Love the sweater!! Looks very cozy and will be very versatile. I am also loving how you paired all black with a colorful skirt - it looks fantastic on you. I may have to copy this :)

  3. This looks lovely. I've seen this look a couple places and I love the all black + one bright colored piece look.
    Also I have to agree about patterned black tights. They feel funky & safe at the same time.

  4. so I am kind of in love with your skirt. Yeah definitely in love.

    Stop by & enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway.

  5. I'm totally kicking myself for missing this sale!! I have the same seater in pink and completely adore it!

    The neon with the textures tights is FABULOUS!!

    Virginie ♥

  6. Those tights are fantastic! I love a good pair of black patterned tights too.

  7. i really love those heavy knit sweaters on skirts...


  8. Love this outfit! The colour combination and the patterns on the sweater and tigts are fabulous.

  9. That really is the perfect jumper Heather and I love it with the textured tights & that stunning skirt, the colour is amazing!

    Sorry I haven't commented in forever! I've had a big of a blogger break.
    Hope your enjoying your new job xo

  10. I wanted to say these colours remind me so much of my mom- but GAH. That sounds so bad! But you know me and know it isn't. Her colouring is very similar to yours and when I was little she'd wear this exact palette ALL THE TIME. So it always reminds me of her when I see that bright poison and black together!



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