Saturday, December 17, 2011

Green Legs and Jacket

Scarf: World Market
Jacket: Mac & Jac
Top: Banana Republic, found at Crossroads
Skirt: thrifted
Tights: Target
Shoes: thrifted

Today was another crazy but productive Saturday! Jasen and I got up early to go to my dad’s optometry office in Colton so Jasen could get an eye exam and order new glasses. Then we did a little more Christmas shopping, bought groceries at Trader Joe’s and put up lights in our apartment windows. Well, Jasen put up the lights, and I handed him pieces of packing tape to affix them.

Now we’re finally hanging out on the couch watching the original Miracle on 34th Street. I love this movie so much! I also need to get my hands on a copy of Christmas in Connecticut, my other favorite Christmas movie...along with It’s a Wonderful Life, which is just one of the greatest films EVER, Christmas or otherwise.

Now that the lights, a little tree, a wreath and stockings are up, our place is very festive...we’ve never decorated our apartment much before, but I’m so excited we decided to get a little holiday crazy this year that I have to post a Christmas photo overload:


  1. Aww, I love all the decorating you've done! I definitely need to watch some Christmas movies. Also, your outfit is adorable. I love your blouse and coat!

  2. I love that top you're wearing! The ruffle detail on it is so cute. Such a great, classic jacket too. And the color of your tights is very nice. I'd like to get some green ones like that sometime soon.

  3. That outfit is perfect! I love the cut of that jacket, it looks great with the scarf & tights and your blouse is adorable.
    And I'm loving the Christmas shots, especially the ones with your cat xo

  4. the ruffled top is so lovely! i'm still in no christmas mood but i like your shots.

  5. I love that coat. I always prefer a winter coat to be fitted, like that one is.
    Sounds like a perfect Saturday. I still need to finish trimming the tree. So far, it just has lights.

  6. Those olive green tights are so awesome! Perfect for the holidays. And I love the photos of your kitty in the lights. :D

  7. I don't even know where to start with this post.

    Your outfit is PERFECT. I need a nice jacket like that, seriously. What a great look.

    >> It’s a Wonderful Life, which is just one of the greatest films EVER <<


    And Sebastian approves of Zeus' window.

  8. i have that same little BR top that i got at the outlet a few years back! its one of my favorites.

    i hear ya on the decoration/photo overload. i took a few pictures of our tree & decorations on saturday too actually. there's nothing like xmas decor to make evrything extra cozy and pretty.

  9. You are absolutely adorable. I love this top!

  10. You are just too cute. I love your tights and shoes...both are adorable.

  11. Green tights - I love them and would have never thought they would look as amazing as they do. I'll have to track down a pair.....

    Hey - I'm starting a new segment on Recycled Fashion where I want to showcase cool outfits/pieces that readers find at the thrift store (or yard sale or family hand me down - whatever). I would love for you to be included! Send me a pic(s) along with where you found the item and how much it cost. This is open to everyone - all readers, bloggers or not.


    email pics to
    subject line: recycled fashion

  12. aw kitten cat and baby tree!
    i totally almost bought those tights! except the line at target was too long for me to justify standing in it. but i can't stop thinking about them.
    i love your ruffled blouse collection. and i can't wait to see the new glasses! i'm getting some soon too!

  13. I don't know how I missed these photos of Zeus in the Christmas lights. Too hilarious!



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