Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011

I love looking at year-in-review blog posts, so I thought I’d put together my own! It was embarrassing looking through some of the photos I’ve chosen to post on here, but I finally found one outfit from each month that I felt pretty good about. Some of these outfits received low ratings on Chictopia, and they’re not necessarily the most viewed and shared...but they’re the outfits that I liked best.


Based on my choices, apparently I like belts more than I realized (especially my black one), I like colorful and not-so-colorful outfits, and Southern California clearly does not have real seasons. Yes, my favorite February outfit features a sheer top, short skirt and bare legs, and I was still wearing sundresses in October.


  1. Such gorgeous outfits! I stumbled across your blog just before Christmas and I love it! Looking forward to following you and your fabulous outfits through 2012...

    Cat xxx

  2. Such great outfits...I can see a definite thread throughout the year yet there's lots of variety. October is probably one of my favourites...I think it's the combination of the gorgeous colours and the fact that I'm jealous you got to wear this right when I was wearing double-layered tights and looked like a ninja with a scarf pulled up to my nose and a hat hovering over my eyes :) Happy New Year xxx

  3. yep yep yep, I love ALL of these gorgeous outfits! You have a great style! :)

  4. oh how I envy your warm Cali weather. Loving that polka dot top with the yellow skirt. Very cute indeed. Have a happy new year!

  5. I just started reading, so I'm glad to see this year in review. I LOVE July, October, and November. You're so adorable!


  6. Are are so cute! I love all of these, happy new years doll :)

  7. i really loved May's outfit and March's sweater is the best.
    i am always on the look out for perfect/cozy sweaters.
    have a happy new year, love.. !!!!

  8. Your skirt and top combinations are always so lovely! November and March are particularly cute. :)

    Happy new year!

  9. Great post, all of these are gorgeous <3

  10. that october dress is out of control. It's been fun following your blog all this time. Happy New Year!!


  11. PSSSSSSSHT, low ratings, I love all of these- I think October, June and July are my most favourite, thought I am fond of that grey outfit from last January.



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