Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakin' the Rules

Sweater: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Socks: no idea
Shoes: Target

What’s wrong with wearing lipstick that matches your top and socks with heels? I wonder where those rules came from, anyway. I could probably Google them and find out, but I’m really tired and lazy right now.

This skirt reminds me of one of my high school uniform skirts. We had our choice of black, blue and white houndstooth or plain navy blue. I remember my favorite combination back then was my houndstooth skirt with the white blouse and navy V-neck pullover sweater. Oh, and tights, Airwalks and plastic dragonfly baby barrettes in my long, wild curly hair. It was 1997, yo.


  1. Rules are made to be broken :)
    Another great combination xo

  2. You had a choice of colours for your school uniform...I'm jealous!! Mine was an obligatory bottle green pinafore, matching jumper and blazer! I still have deep, underlying issues with the colour green. Loving this outfit on you...I love the cable knit jumper and the socks/shoes are very cute!

  3. Little secret...I still wear those plastic hair clips to bed at night :D Love the burgundy jumper, so cute against the black/white skirt! Don't mind the matching lipstick either.

    <3 Cambria

  4. I love the look of socks inside cute heels. I think I need to work it into more outfits.
    So I would say there is NOTHING wrong with this outfit.

  5. yea yo, 97 is where its at! fashion rules are so silly. break them, break them all!

    Stop by and enter my Vedette giveaway!

  6. Lovely color on that sweater! You look great!

  7. Haha I think I match my lipstick to my outfit more than I should. Oops! I just wear a lot of red and like red lipstick. I can't help myself! I never go along with all those old rules anyway.
    I love the way those little black socks look with your cute skirt. Definitely an adorable outfit!

  8. there is absolutely nothing wrong with your color combos. i love the lipstick on you, and this outfit is so fabulously sweet on you! you look darling!

  9. i totally rocked airwalks in 1997. i always wished i went to a private school so i could wear cute little uniforms. i love your skirt.

  10. haha you rebel you!

    But seriously, you always look so damn cute.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  11. in 1997 i wore massive lace platform boots ...
    you look great in this cute uniform-like outfit.


  12. I always break all those rules. I like matching purses to outfits too!



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