Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifted Thursday No. 35

Blouse, skirt and shoes: thrifted
Socks: Hue

You know what I really want? A whole day to do nothing but read books, magazines and blogs and watch ridiculous YouTube videos of cats and shopping hauls. Yep, that would be so nice, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. At least tomorrow is Friday! I think Jasen and I are going to see our friends’ ’80s cover band at a bar in Downey on St. Patrick’s Day. I also need to sell some clothes at Crossroads. Fingers crossed that they take at least five things from me.


  1. fantastic skirt!


  2. I want days like that all the time. Today was almost that way for me, luckily!
    I really like your lime green skirt. The color is wonderful and so fun!

  3. oh man, an 80s cover band?! I need friends in an 80s cover band! Have fun!

  4. Love the little socks, they always make me think of old books with kids who play detectives!
    Yes for cat and haul videos. Have a great Paddy's day! :)

    Great blog, I really enjoyed reading through your posts!
    That bookshop with a linguistics section a few posts back? I'd love to visit. And I've read the Anatomy of Melancholy and sadly it was a library copy and I_want_it_! :)

  5. I want a day like that, too... especially today! Rainy days are so much better when spent under a cozy blanket, devouring a book.

    I miss you so much, Heather! Your blog never ceases to cheer me up!

  6. yes, i know what you mean. all i wanted to do in my holidays was just hanging around... reading blogs... checking out vintage pieces on ebay... but there were far too much things to do.
    tomorrow my one-week-holiday ends, sadly!

    love your blouse. great pattern.



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