Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bright Stripes

Top: Cotton On
Cardigan: Windsor
Shorts: thrifted vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

No, I didn’t wear this to work today...these photos are left over from last weekend. I wore this to run errands and then do one of my favorite things: look for a birthday gift and wander around Pasadena on my own. Don’t get me wrong; I love hanging out with my husband and other family and friends. But I spend so much time working with people in the office and socializing on the weekend that I really, really appreciate when I can get a little time to myself to just walk around and browse H&M and Forever 21 (though I didn’t find anything I wanted) and drink a mango tea with boba from Noodle World without having to worry about making anyone else happy.


  1. So summery and cute! I love all the yellow! Especially paired with that striped blue top.

  2. i love doing things on my own. that's probably my favorite thing to do. today is that day for me.
    and i love the color combination. i want to make this happen in my wardrobe!

  3. you look so cheery and summery! I like shopping alone too. Nothing is worse than shopping with my husband and hearing him huff and puff when I'm trying to browse.

  4. Love the bright colors! I totally know what you mean! I only get one day off at a time. It's nice to go out and do your own thing without someone waiting on you or being annoyed if you take too long :)



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