Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Favorites

Petite Panoply

The Capricious Club

It completely slipped my mind until about an hour ago that I hadn’t posted my May favorites yet! How did June get here so fast? Jasen even took photos of my outfit today, so I guess I’ll save those for a Sunday or Monday post. I’m planning on doing an Etsy update soon, too, since I’ve photographed 20 new items and now just need to measure and describe them.

It seemed like May was a pretty inspiring month, blogger-wise. I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites to just 10! Based on these picks, I think I need more chambray and at least one rainbow plaid blouse in my life.


  1. Brilliant to find so many new bloggers. off to check their blogs.
    Thank you gorgeous.

  2. Heh, I really liked Calivintage's skirt and shirt combo, too, but then I looked up how much those pieces go for. Holy moly! Mod cloth must pay well, that's all I gotta say... Wish I could afford me some fancy duds!

  3. Aww thanks for including me! I'm flattered. I really liked that outfit too.
    You included one of my favorites of the month in this post too. Keiko Lynn in those amazing dotted pants. I love that outfit!



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