Sunday, October 21, 2012

Neon Plaid



Sweater: thrifted Moda International
Skirt: thrifted Rampage
Tights: Hue
Shoes: thrifted Cappagallo
Lipstick: Revlon Blackberry

This skirt’s colorful stripes on black always make me think of neon signs in the city at night or a Lite-Brite. I wore it Saturday night to go haunted house hopping with our neighbors, who should be tour guides for the L.A. area because they know about every cool thing to do at every time of the year.

The best presentation we saw was Boney Island, which I was told is put on by a producer of The Simpsons. It’s in Sherman Oaks and free and amazing. This guy’s yard is filled with Disneyland-caliber animatronic skeletons, singing jack-o-lanterns, topiaries with blinking eyes and joke-cracking bats, plus there’s a water show choreographed to Halloween and classical music.



  1. that house sounds pretty rad. We didnt even get a pumpkin this year. so lame.

  2. That guy's yard sounds like the best thing ever! I wish I could see! I love when people go all out on their Halloween decorations.
    Also, your skirt really is fantastic. The colorful stripes in it are great and I love how perfectly the pink sweater pairs with it.

  3. Love the name and concept for your blog. Cute and fashion forward!

    Ali of:

  4. Sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!



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