Monday, February 25, 2013

1 Skirt 4 Ways

This is one of my favorite Quality Thrift pencil skirt finds…I love that it’s a golden “pencil” yellow and wear it to work a lot!

Bunny Business
Ha. Bunnies. I feel a little weird wearing this bunny top now that I’m past 30, but it is pretty cool. Maybe I should pull it out for the Easter season!

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
I think I like this outfit the best of the four, even though I sold the tank top at Crossroads because the pocket on the boob bothered me. That was a mistake…it actually was a cute top.

Aww, this sweater has a history. My friend Natasha and I both bought it at Charlotte Russe at least 10 years ago, before we became friends, but in different colors. When we started hanging out together at the writing center where we worked, we realized we both had it. I think hers fell apart in the wash eventually, and mine has a few (moth?) holes now so I don’t wear it.

I really like the yellow with this top and coral lipstick...I love when one article of clothing picks up a similar color in another article of clothing in an outfit without quite matching.


  1. I love all the ways you've worn this skirt, but the second is my favorite. That dotted top looks awesome on you. It's a shame you sold it! I really like how versatile this skirt is. Solid pencil skirts are such great staple pieces and I especially love them when they're a great color!

  2. Agree that the second look is my favorite! I'd like to add more colored skirts to my closet, and this post showed me how versatile they can be. :)
    And I think you are never too old for bunnies - the way you styled it with a classic pencil skirt keeps it from looking too young or inappropriately cutesy. :)

  3. nice remix.. i like that skirt with sweater.:) pretty simple. :)Irene Wibowo

  4. hi heather, i love these outfits four ways posts...i'll have to consider something like this...people always ask me if i ever wear things again and i do...but to them it seems like i always have something different. i agree with you....i like the second outfit best....too bad you got rid of that top. it was cute. i also love the grey sweater with the skirt...that color combination is winning with any article of clothing.

  5. A pencil skirt is always so flattery. I love the polka dot option best.

  6. I LOVE that Busy Bunny top! I'm pretty jealous you can pull off yellow and look so fab in it. That's a great skirt on you!

  7. I totally love how you wore every single one!!!! Nice!



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