Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifted Thursday No. 41



Sweater, skirt and shoes: thrifted
Tights: Target
Lipstick: Revlon Kiss Me Coral

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! But since I ended up wearing pretty much all thrifted things together in this outfit, I wanted to post it. Also, I like the outfit a lot, mainly because of the different orange shades (the rust tights and coral in the sweater’s embroidery and the lipstick).

In other exciting news, I can’t wait to get our taxes done. Jasen and I owed a lot last year because we had both been unemployed and freelanced for parts of 2011, and we couldn’t afford to pay the bill all at once and have been making payments…which at this point include crazy interest and penalties. I’m hoping we’ll get enough back this year to pay that debt off. I will be so happy if that happens, seriously.


  1. you always have the best top/skirt combos. CUTE.

  2. you look so chic and girly!!! love it!
    kisses pretty!

  3. That outfit is darling! I love it.

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