Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fall Over Again

Skirt: BB Dakota
Sweater: J. Crew, found at Crossroads Trading Co.
Tights: For Love 21
Shoes: Boutique 9

Zeus joined me for my photos again today, but he turned his head away every time the camera went off! I still had to show a photo with him in it, though. Below the text I have a couple more photos that I took of him today because I am obsessed with my cat.

The tweed BB Dakota skirt that I’m wearing is called the Groton Skirt, and I see it’s on sale now on Zappos.com and available on Lulus.com and the Dakota Collective website, among other sites. It was another purchase from MyShape’s after-Christmas sale, but it’s not available on their site anymore. I decided to wear it with this burnt-orange J. Crew sweater that I traded for at the secondhand store Crossroads because it sort of feels like fall here in Southern California (it’s 72 degrees out, yet the sun is going down early and there are dead leaves on the roof of the apartment across from ours) and I like wearing fall colors because I think I have an “autumn” complexion...somewhat olive-toned skin with brown hair and eyes.

This post is getting long, but I have to mention the shoes as well. I found them for, I think, $20 on my lunch break when I used to work in the Lake Avenue neighborhood of Pasadena. There was a Shoe Pavilion there, which has since closed down along with all their other stores. I’d never heard of the brand Boutique 9 before and decided to look it up just now, and apparently I got a great deal on these because Boutique 9 shoes are usually much pricier. 

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  1. Oh god, I LOVE those tights! I need to start boning up my tights collection again. You know, along with all the other things I greed for.

    I love Zeus, the new mascot of your blog.



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