Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cold and Lazy

Sweater: thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: For Love 21
Shoes: vintage, Valley Shoes

Today was one of those days when you walk outside and think how sunny and nice it is until the freezing wind hits you, so Jasen and I decided to be lazy and stay inside. This is what I wore to do nothing but read blogs, bake cookies and watch more Mad Men. I almost completely failed at my first attempt to use a cookie press. I say “almost” only because I was able to make one good spritz cookie. After three cookie sheets of misshapen lumps, I gave up and decided to use the dough to make thumbprint-style cookies, pouring dollops of icing into the wells. At least they taste good.


  1. I like the stripes and spots combo. Did you use Aunt Judy's recipe for the spritz cookies? If yes, can you send it to me too?! :)

    Also, I miss you terribly.

    And also, I love your outfit from yesterday. That dress is to die for!

  2. That is much more put together than my "stay at home and read blogs" outfit!



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