Monday, April 11, 2011

On a Flower Trip

Dress: Velvet Heart
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Bag: thrifted

Yes, I’m wearing another rose-print dress. And I want more florals in my wardrobe. MORE! MORE! MWAHAHA! Okay, well, I really like them because I enjoy wearing very feminine clothes with my short haircut.

I mentioned right after I bought this dress from Crossroads that it’s too short for me, so my friend Ani suggested that I wear a lacy skirt underneath. I love the result! Although I’m trying to get away from Forever 21 and move more toward thrifting and buying vintage for various reasons, I bought the skirt that I’m wearing as a petticoat on Forever 21’s 100% for Japan day. They did it; they got me to buy from them that day. I just needed an excuse. I’m not sure if this dress was previously owned or not because Crossroads sometimes sells new items from Velvet Heart. It didn’t have a “new” tag and it was $14, so I think it probably is used.

As I write this, I have about 40 minutes to wait until the window starts in which EDD will call me and determine whether I get my unemployment check that was supposed to come last week. I probably filled something out wrong on the form and everything will be fine once I talk to them, but ughhhhh, stress! I can’t wait for this interview and the job interview that I have tomorrow to be over.


  1. Wow, I love the result of the lace skirt underneath the dress as well! Floral and lace, such a perfect combination. This has to be one of my favorite outfits, so pretty and feminine for spring time!

    P.S. Best of luck on the interviews tomorrow!

  2. I could live everyday in a floral dress and be completely content. I love this one! And the slip poking out is just the perfect touch. I'm going to have to incorporate that into an outfit of mine soon! xoxo

  3. That dress is so cute and girly and I love the skirt you have on underneath it. Good Luck with the job interview.

  4. Pretty! Lovely print, and I love how you put the lace skirt with it :)

  5. I LOVE this. Is that a slip you are using for a petticoat, or was it really meant as a skirt?

    EDD is so strange, I have to go see if my check was actually delivered today. ; _ ;

  6. It actually is a lacy skirt...or some sort of mesh with crochet all over it. The skirt itself is lined with jersey so you can just wear it alone if you want.

  7. Oh My God...gorgeous...It's exactly how I was envisioning it will look with a lace skirt underneath. It's PERFECT for that dress. I'm glad that cute dress found a perfect match :)

  8. great dress! you're precious

  9. Hi, first time stop by yr blog!! I love yr Blog. Have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?

  10. This dress is just adorable! It's such a lovely print! I hope you get everything worked out with EDD, and good luck at your interview tomorrow!

  11. Floral looks great on you!

    P.S. Great blog. :)

  12. i love floral! so pretty:)
    just found your blog and love love it.
    new follower.


  13. The layering here is perfect. I need to buy a lacy slip to wear under my minis. Genius.

  14. i love this! the layering of the lace skirt underneath works so well!
    Hope you got the cheque



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