Monday, May 9, 2011

In the Sheer

Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: thrifted
Bag: thrifted
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I bought this lace skirt one day when I went to three thrift stores and couldn’t find anything else that I liked. This was at my third stop, the Goodwill in Arcadia, and I kept asking myself if I was buying it just because I didn’t want my day of hunting to be pointless. I think it was a good choice, though. I like the lace pattern a lot, and the skirt is lined, and it has an elastic waist that fits well. Because of the black waistband, I felt like I had to try this skirt out with my black-accented Urban Outfitters blouse...they seemed to belong together.


  1. The subtle pattern on that skirt is really lovely, and paired with a loose-fitting blouse, the overall effect is so pretty and romantic. Also, I noticed that you were featured on calivintage's tumblr yesterday and wanted to say congrats! I'm mad about that gal's style, and I was excited to see you pop up on my tumblr feed. :)

  2. Definitely a good purchase! I love the skirt and the whole outfit is very sweet and kind of romantic in an edgy way. Love it!


  3. Oooh, glad you picked up that lace skirt. Very sweet and pretty.

  4. They do belong together! I love the black and white aspect of this outfit ;) That top is so cute! I'd totally wear it, but not sure if I can pull it off.

  5. I definitely feel like that thrifting too--like I need to buy SOMETHING to make the day worth it. And I've definitely acquired some really awesome things that way too.

    That top is so pretty :)

  6. They do seem to belong together.. I almost thought it was a dress at first. I like how all the pale colours create this look of pared-down glamour. Hehe, that sounded kind of pretentious, but I like this look. : )

  7. I really love anything that's delicate and lacy like this skirt, so pretty =) And I love how subtly it fits with the top!

  8. You always look amazing. The skirt and the blouse are such a perfect match.

  9. That skirt is fantastic, even if you didn't absolutely love it at first. Sometimes the best pieces I've ever gotten were ones I thought, "why not?" at.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  10. This blouse and skirt are a dream together. I like this look a lot. Well, I wanted to stop in and say hello after seeing your super sweet Dapper Camper photo make the Tumblr rounds (I actually reblogged it, too! Hehe). I love pairing a cardigan with shorts, but never thought to throw saddle shoes into the mix. I'm so going to do that one of these days! :)

  11. You're looking as dreamy as ever! I just love, love, love that skirt on you.




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