Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifted Thursday No. 18

Top, shorts and shoes: thrifted

I love this bunny top! I’ve worn it once before and need to wear it more. The colors can be a little tricky to coordinate with my other clothes, though.

I spent most of today working on some freelance projects and then rewarded myself with a trip to World Market, where I bought wrapping materials for my mom’s birthday present and my Etsy shop, ginger beer for Jasen, gummi bears and a Divine hazelnut chocolate bar. Jasen made us pasta with roasted garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil for dinner, and we ate that while watching a documentary on Hulu ( was a good one). Maybe that doesn’t sound like the most exciting day, but it was a nice day to me!


  1. I am still angry I didn't get to go to World Market, I've been wanted to go there for weeks. I probably won't be going, uh, ever as my car cost EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS to fix! El oh el!

    I love that bunny shirt, it's always one of my faves.

  2. Very cute outfit...I love the bunnies and the matching lipstick and shoes. And that sounds like a lovely day...any day that involves gummi bears is always a winner. And after being couped up all day editing there's nothing better than letting loose and spending some money to reward yourself :)

  3. that sounds like a perfect day, especially that pasta dish! what are you doing for freelance?
    also that bunny top is perfection, this is such a summery outfit.

  4. This bunny shirt is super cute. Love it with the red shoes. Also your day sounds perfect EXCEPT. Next time you go to World Market you have to buy the Kinder 'Happy Hippos' because they are the greatest candy ever made!

  5. That does sound like a fun day! I have only been to World Market once but it was amazing! I wish there were one closer to me. Actually, maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing because I could easily spend all my dolla bills there. ;) I love that bunny top- it is so precious!

    Happy friday- woohoo!

  6. that totally sounds like a great day. Any day where my husband would cook for me would be an excellent day. Cute outfit you have going on here, love the red shoes and that adorable bunny top.

  7. Love the high waist, love the bunnies, love the red shoes and lips! You've got it goin on, my friend!

    Also, I'd like you to know that I am a fellow Meyers-Briggs person. Although we are almost opposites (I'm an ENFP) I think we have lots of things in common. And the N is the most important letter anyway, don't you think? ;)

  8. are u kidding me?! that day sounds amazing! hahaha... pretty lucky woman!

  9. Such a cute print on your top! And I love those white shorts on you so much! The red shoes contrast really nicely with the colors in your top too



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