Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost Control!

I finally snapped and bought a ridiculous amount of clothing and accessories over the last couple of days. Most of it was thrifted, and as I mentioned in my last post, my mom bought everything from Quality Thrift, but I also picked up two tops and some tights at Urban Outfitters because they were taking an extra 30% off all sale items for Presidents Day weekend.

I can’t believe I bought so much while unemployed. And even though my mom paid for the Quality Thrift items, it was in return for my driving her around a lot while she’s visiting California since she doesn’t have a car let’s face it, I’m kind of still paying for those things indirectly.

All in all, the deals were pretty amazing. However, I will not, I repeat will not, use a credit card to buy any more clothes while I don’t have a job!

Stop 1: ACTS Thrift Store in Pasadena, where I found:

Esprit high-waisted jean shorts, $2.99

Old Navy tank top, $0.99

Stop 2: Urban Outfitters in Glendale, where I found:

Cooperative chiffon fleur-de-lis tunic, $6.99, originally $54.00

Cooperative short-sleeved sweater, $6.99, originally $49.00

Urban Outfitters “English Garden” tights, $3.49

Stop 3: Goodwill in Glendale, where I found:

Finesse short-sleeved sweater, $4.99

Soprano jersey top, $4.99

Seychelles “Controversy” wedges, $7.99

I can’t believe I found these Seychelles wedges! Based on some Google research, they appear to be from the Fall 2008 Seychelles collection, and they’re in beautiful condition. I kind of wish they had a strap or that they were half a size smaller so they’d be easier to walk in, but after trying them on it seems like I’ll be able to walk around pretty well without having my feet slip out.

Stop 4: Quality Thrift in Montclair, where I found:

Petite Sophisticate stretch-woven dress, $3.19

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the color of this dress is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue in real life.

One Clothing jersey dress, $3.19

Dana Buchman silk top, $2.39

Atleigh vintage cardigan, $3.99

knit top with no tag, $1.19

’80s “paint splatter” belt, $2.39

Axiom white leather belt, $3.19

oxblood shoulder bag with no tag, $3.19

Mardane vintage chain-strap bag, $2.39

I had a coupon for 20% off our purchase at Quality thrift, so the discount is reflected in the prices above. My mom bought several items for herself as well as a sweater for my brother Jeremy and a button-down shirt for my brother Trevor.

I also bargained for a price reduction on the vintage cardigan. It was priced at $6.99, but it had a small hole at the wrist, so the store reduced the price to $4.99, and we still got the additional 20% off.

Total that I spent: $39.42
Total that my mom spent for my items: $25.11

So that’s two dresses, seven tops, a pair of shorts, a cardigan, a pair of tights, a pair of shoes, two belts and two bags for $64.53! I don’t need to feel guilty about this, right?


  1. I love thrifting so much fun and you don't even feel guilty afterwards. I especially love the babushka top, so cute.

  2. Oh, My, GAWD. I just saw this post while stealing internet at school! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Russian Dolls sweater!

  3. Great haul, totally worth the REALLY low price! Don't feel guilty :)
    Love the Russian dolls sweater!

    M xo

  4. HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING. Btw, if you ever find another doll sweater- pick it up, I'll pay you back! I seriously think I need you to shop for me, period. Just buy stuff, I'll pay you at the end of the month. I spent this much going out to dinner with my cousin!

  5. OMG so many good picks! hahaha...yes we should hire you to shop for us! I can't believe the things you find in Goodwill and thrift stores!
    I love the black top before the shoes, and of course again the babushka dolls! I NEED a babushka dolls top too ;)



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