Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Stripes

Sweater: Target
Jeggings: Calvin Klein Jeans
Shoes: thrifted, Hush Puppies

This is a pretty basic, classic outfit I’ve seen several versions of elsewhere, but I wanted to try it myself with my recently purchased red heels. Oh, I love these shoes so much even though they’re half a size too small! (They’re size 7, and I usually wear 7 and a half.) They work for me because the peep toe and slingback allow my feet to spill out a little, so I was able to run some errands in them reasonably comfortably.

By errands I mean visiting the Arcadia Goodwill for the first time, getting my hair cut back to pixie length and buying a couple of things at Target. Yep, in my next photo my hair will be chopped off! I go through this cycle with my hair where I cut it very short, wear it straight until it starts to look too shaggy, then wear it curly until it’s too much like a mullet in back and finally cut it super short again. I was forced to stop being lazy and get it cut today because I have a job interview tomorrow, and I wanted my hair to look neat and “professional.”


  1. Can't wait to see your new hair cut!
    Good luck tomorrow :)

  2. Love this combination! Very classic, and those heels are marvelous :D I have several pairs of shoes that are not the right size. Pain for fashion, right?
    Good luck with your interview!
    M xo



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