Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, I Heard They Got Pinned

Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: CJ by Cookie Johnson
Tights: Target
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

The moment I hung my argyle tights over the hanger with my jeans this morning, the song “Telephone Hour” from Bye Bye Birdie started playing in my head. I realized later that the “argyle socks under rolled jeans” look is more similar specifically to the casual outfit that Kim changes into while singing “How Lovely to Be a Woman,” but anyway, “Telephone Hour” better depicts the overall look and feel of the film, so here it is:

Jasen and I finally took the Metro Gold Line to Little Tokyo and Olvera Street today, and we had so much fun! Afterward, we walked around Old Town Pasadena for a while, tried to take some photos of the lanterns in the trees in front of the Norton Simon Museum and got chased off the grounds by a security guard because it turned out they were closed at the time. Whoops!

Jasen in the Nijiya Market
Awesome cat mugs in a gift shop
A ghostly ramen display (Jasen adds, "It could be YOUR hand holding those chopsticks!")
Wall o' crosses in an Olvera Street shop
Día de los Muertos!
More Día de los Muertos!
Union Station is so beautiful.
This is right before the guard chased us away from the Norton Simon.


  1. I LOVE this outfit! It's so cute and it's the perfect Bye Bye Birdie look. (El oh el, "Where did he pin you?" "In the backseat" - that sounds SO bad to my modern pervy ears).

    I still haven't been to Little Tokyo! I have to amend this sometime.

    "Is it true about Kim?"

    That's my favourite part of that song!

  2. Ohh, the pearls around the collar of the sweater are so sweet! And I'm all about argyle socks under rolled up pants :D
    Thanks for sharing the shop-snaps!
    M xo



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