Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It Must Be the Future

Dress: Theme
Blouse: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Has anyone seen that episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 called “Space Mutiny”? There’s a scene in it when Mike or one of the bots comments on the low-budget spaceship set of the ridiculous ’80s movie they’re watching, “Keyboards on the wall? It must be THE FUTURE!” Well, you’d probably have to see it to enjoy the humor, but that’s the quote I thought of when I put this outfit together. I’ve been thinking this spacey dress and blouse would be fun to layer ever since I saw them hanging near each other in my closet, so today I went for it.

After Jasen took my photos behind our apartment building, I had to get a shot of the beautiful sky, which is below. It’s so gorgeous here right now! I want to go to the beach again, but gas is expensive. Maybe next week.

Oh, and I also posted some more photos below of our cat, Zeus, and our local stray, Juicy. Our neighbor Joe gave him (Juicy) that name, and we all take turns feeding him. I actually want to adopt him, too, but Zeus doesn’t like it when he comes in our apartment and we really can’t afford to take responsibility for another cat right now. Zeus didn’t like Juicy at all when he first met him, but now they’re friends as long as Juicy stays outside. They always touch noses when they meet on the porch. 


  1. Love the red shoes and the jumper is fantastic. This outfit is totally Steampunk meets the Jetsons, ( I mean that as a complement.)
    Also your kitty is adorable.

  2. That dress is so cute, and I love how you paired it with those fun red heels! I love mystery science 3000 so much and want to watch more episodes of it. One of the first ones I saw was the Manos: The Hands of Fate episode and I couldn't stop laughing during the whole thing.
    Also, Zeus and Juicy are adorable cats!

  3. I love this futuristic dress, and I haven't seen mystery science theater 3000, but perhaps I should...
    Also, I spent about an hour staring at the cats for adoption website so cat pics are all I wanted all day. Thanks for fueling the cat lovin' ;)

  4. Aww, cat friends! They're so sweet!

    I love your whole look! The red shoes give it a great pop of color!

  5. I remember this dress! Work purchase? I remember thinking it was like Bladerunner.

    Juicy is so CUTE. Maybe Zeus will get used to him and you will get a job so you can keep both inside!

  6. AWWW Juicy looks like Django! I can't believe Zeus won't let Juicy inside. What a prick. Maybe he'll come around.

  7. What a shame they dont get along. I wont get a second cat because my cat has been top cat for 8 years and I know he would be a big bully if we brought another cat home.

  8. Oh both Juicy and Zeus are cuties! It's too bad when cats don't get along that well, my kitty (that it's on my boyfriend's house) and her mommy don't really get along. They play together sometimes but not for long.

    That outfit is great! I don't really know that series but it must be nice since it was the inspiration for this look. You look really nice.

  9. awwwe im a big fan of juicy and zeus!!
    love your outfit too, slightly nautical with the colours, and really cute! :)
    Rosie xo

  10. I love Mystery Science Theater! You look lovely.

  11. I love that you wore a shirt underneath that cute dress! The title of this post reminded me of my trip to the library yesterday where the book checkout was all futuristic. I was like, we're in the future!!

  12. i like your space aged outfit and am really digging your sunnies

  13. Hahahaha Mystery Science Theatre! My dad and I used to watch that and crack up. I love your about me section, very informative. Also love these cats.

  14. I like this outfit! It looks sharp!

    Look at those cats! Cute! I hope Juicy finds a good home.

  15. Love those sunglasses! Also such beautiful cats - your cat as such great coloring and pretty eyes.

  16. Kitties! :)

    I really like this outfit. Great sunglasses, too. I haven't watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 in so long. I need to fix that!



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