Saturday, June 11, 2011

That Skirt Again?

Top: thrifted
Cardigan: Halogen
Skirt: Fei from Anthropologie
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I wasn’t going to take photos today because I wore this skirt in Wednesday’s blog photo, but I liked how this new-to-me thrifted top looked with it and, what can I say, I love this skirt and wear it a lot. It was a good Anthropologie investment. I almost had a heart attack when I spilled a cup of broccoli cheddar soup on it a couple weeks ago. Fortunately, the stains came out. Yeah, I’m way too obsessed with my clothes.

In fact, I’m really a freak about several cleanliness issues. I can’t stand the feeling of dust on my hands (so playing basketball in P.E. class as a kid was torture for me), I don’t like when the flat sheet or duvet on our bed gets turned around because I don’t want the side that was on our feet to be near my face, I have to vacuum a lot because I can’t stand stepping on anything on the floor, like a crumb or a leaf. I know, I have problems.


  1. your blog is great my dear, love this outfit!

    check out my blog on secondhand fashion if you get a chance

  2. 1. Love the top.

    2. Love your thing about leaves....must be our neurotic Taggart genes.

    3. Can you show the back of more outfits? I want to see what this top looks like in the back?

  3. love that top with this skirt and I can totally relate to your ocdness. I hate the feeling of crumbs on my bare feet so I sweep my home a lot!

  4. That top is lovely! And it really does look great with that fantastic skirt. The green cardi is perfect with it too! I`d definitely wear that skirt all the time if I owned it as well ;)
    M xo

  5. Hm, you don't have problems, you're clean and have gorgeous skirts ;) including this one. That shape is such a staple, worth investing in. My favourite skirt is actually very similar to yours, but black.

  6. Ohh, I love that skirt! The colour is divine! And it goes so well with the top!


  7. another adorable combination, loving these colors babe! :)

  8. I really like that skirt on you! It fits so well! Great combination of colors in this outfit too

  9. It really is a lovely skirt and I would have freaked out if I'd spilled soup on it too! You're not a freak at all. I have a thing about keeping my clothes stain free (and might be a bit neurotic about it, hehe). If I detect the slightest drip, drop, or splash I'm all over the garment looking for spots to soak ASAP.

  10. Oh....I am so like you in some ways especially the clothes. Arggghhhhhh when spills happen. I can't stand dust on my fingers either. I have very sensitive gag reflexes especially if I see a snotty nosed kid starts licking his upper lip. I almost hurled today. Thank God, for clothes to obsess about.

  11. Love this outfit- my fave kind, where a cute cardi pulls it all together.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  12. Ah, slightly OCD tendencies. Story of my life. ;)

    I remember seeing this skirt at Anthropologie, passing on it, and regretting it later. I think it came in a pinky-peach color that I really loved. Ah well, you win some; you lose some!

    I love the color palette here, and I agree with one of the previous comments, which mentioned that the cardigan really pulls the outfit together.

  13. I have said it before and I will say it again. I am in love with your wardrobe. And most of it is thrifted too! That's such a work horse skirt. So many ways to wear it! How can you apologize for wearing it "too much"? hehe.

  14. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don't know, I feel the same about some of these weird cleaning quirks! I can't even touch my bed unless I am showered. // Also has problems.



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