Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty on Top

Top: J. Crew, found at Crossroads
Shorts: thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers, including Nicole of Coco Maria and Amber of Amber Blue Bird, pairing pretty tops with shorts, so today I felt like doing the same. I found this silk J. Crew top at my local Pasadena Crossroads, and the shorts came from ACTS Thrift Store in Pasadena. I was amazed to find a pair of completely unstained white shorts at the thrift store because I have been looking for quite a while and have seen all kinds of gross stains on light-colored shorts. This pair is pretty high waisted, so I’d like to show that off by tucking my shirt in the next time I wear them, but this top looks best untucked.


  1. You look adorable! I don't usually wear shorts either, but I found an amazing pair in a shop in my town, and I want to wear them every day. Shorts are sometimes a welcome break from skirts, if for no other reason than spontaneous cartwheels! :)

  2. Really cool blue top! I love that it's silk. Those white shorts are indeed a great thrift find being that they're white. I always see gross ones when I'm thrifting!

  3. that's such a pretty top! i love the light colors. perfect for summer. i can't wait to see you tuck a shirt into those shorts!

  4. staines on the thriftsore clothing, tell me somethin'. I always hate it when a pretty piece has super gross staines on it!

    You look really pretty :) I LOVE J.crew! kinda sucks we don't have them :( x

  5. wish our summers in s.f. were warm enough for shorts-- you look comfy & cute in yours!

  6. Aw you look yet amazing again! I also love to pair shorts with pretty tops, not that i show it much on my blog...
    I got myself some white shorts too from a charity shop and they're spotless! I think they were little girls' tennis shorts or something and never worn.

  7. that frilly top is so sophisticated, and I love the soft color! you look lovely ;)

  8. This is adorable! I love the simple and clean look. And I love this new location with the brown wall and greens.



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