Monday, August 8, 2011


Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: thrifted
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: thrifted

Today I was killing time browsing in H&M (I know this sounds dangerous, but I didn’t buy anything!) when a little girl walked by with her mom, stared at me, then turned back to her mom and said, “Eewwww, look at her hair!” To make the situation even better, the girl’s mom pulled her aside well within earshot and scolded her, “You can’t say things like that to people! If someone likes their hair that way, that’s how they like it!” Um, thanks.

This experience took me back to the time my youngest brother, who was five then, ran his hand down my sister’s flat-ironed hair and said, “Your hair feels like silk,” then ran his hand down my curly hair and said, “Your hair feels like cotton.” Which reminds me of yet another hilarious hair comment from a child...this time directed at my friend, whose younger brother told her that her hair looked like “weeds.”

I’m not sure what to take from today’s critique, though now I’m kind of looking forward to getting my hair cut back to pixie length more than ever because I feel like it has gotten scruffy looking. Of course, once after I got my hair cut super short, I walked into a Rubio’s restaurant on Halloween in a long coat and scarf and heard a little girl ask her mom, “Mommy, is that girl dressed up as a boy for Halloween?” At least she knew I was female.


  1. Hmmm, but do you want a little girl to like your hair style? I mean, really, their taste is somewhat questionable. In fact, when a small child compliments me I always check myself out to see why.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Vintage ROAD TRIP giveaway

  2. I'm chuckling to myself because little kids are just so darn silly. I agree with Marie...I'm not sure if I want to define the way I look by some little girl. When little kids make fun of me, I just laugh along with them, and then I reflect back to my younger days when life was innocent. haha Silly children.

    Speaking of boyfriend calls it "dead grass." I think that's much worse to hear from your significant other than a random 6 year old. hahah

  3. Oh, this made me laugh. It also makes me recall all of the random and rude things people have said to me over the years. Isn't it sad that we remember? But at least we can laugh. I remember when a boy I used to babysit told me I had, "big hobo teeth." My teeth are big, that is for sure. But "hobo" teeth? Really?
    I'll have you know that my hair has always been thin and stick straight. I recently got a perm and even my mom told me I look better with curly hair.

  4. Kids really do say the darndest things! I remember one time when I was babysitting the little girl I was watching pointed to my acne and said "I can't wait to be bigger so I can have pink dots on my face, too!" Hahaha. I really, really, love that top, though, and you look fabulous, Heather! :)

  5. You look so cute today though! Like a modern Snow White (in a good way). The problem I have with my short hair is all the comments from little kids like 'Mommy is that a boy or a girl?' (To make it worse I worked in a toy story one year) My boyfriend's nephew asked 'Why do you have a boy hair cut?' and I asked him 'Do you think I look like a boy?' and he said 'No.' so I replied 'Then I guess it's not a boy hair cut is its?' And then he got all shy and hid his face.
    There's a certain age where kids are really just identifying things, just remember they are never being intentionally rude...

  6. EL OH EL omg that little girl! Also what the heck? I LOVE your hair longer, it always looks like a cute flapper style. And that mom's response! Exact wrong thing to say, hello. FFFFFFFU mother and child with no hair taste!

    I remember once when I was a camp counselor a little girl asked me, "WHAT'S THAT RED STUFF ON YOUR FACE." At top volume, that was pretty embarrassing.

  7. omg! really? you are beautiful and ur hair is beautiful! :) hahaha

    ewwww her! ugly soul girl! hahaha

  8. Oh kids... everyone on here sounds quite indulgence but I would have a) accidentally tripped her up, or b) told the mother quite directly how rude they both were. ; )

    I'm pretty evil though.

    Your blouse is lovely by the way and I like the all-white shoes and socks look!

  9. You've got gorgeous hair!! That child is going to be out buying curling tongs and wishing she had lovely curly hair too in a few years...and more importantly eating her words! I agree with a previous commenter...your hair has a lovely flapper style to it...very The Great Gatsby'ish :) Lovely outfit too...the top is so cute.

  10. i actually like you hair and curls what does that little girl know. i also love the top your wearing i am so drawn to red.

  11. hahaha that little girl :D well that's how kids are. You can't really fault the mom though, she was right and probably didn't mean it to sound hurtful :D love your top (and hair!) :D

  12. i think you look adorable, and if it makes you feel any better - once i was walking home from the bakery, all sweaty and hair pulled back in a bandana, and a little boy asked his mother, "mom, why is that girl a boy?" kids. THEY MAKE NO SENSE. shake it off, lady, you look fantastic.

  13. kids say the stupidest things. they shouldnt be allowed in public until they can control their nonsense :)

  14. you look so cute with these socks... i'd love i could wear them, too. i really look so silly with little sock in vintage flats.

    this dotted blouse is great!

  15. I love your shirt!!!Lovey bog!
    Hugs and kisses

  16. Haha, little kids are so weird, and know nothing about beautiful, chic hairstyles! Lots of awesome people have curly hair, like Shirley Temple, who is pretty much the cutest thing in the history of the world, and if that little girl knew anything about anyone cool, she would love your hairstyle as much as I do!

  17. Awesome blouse - that collar is spectactular and the rich colour is just brilliant :)

    A friend's little girl will insist on referring to men as women and vice versa so when she points and loudly declares "I don't like that man" it really hits home. :D



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