Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nude Shoes

Top: Susina
Skirt: thrifted
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Pin: belonged to my grandma
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I’ve worn these shoes before in blog photos but never asked, “What do you think of nude shoes?” Do you like wearing shoes that are close to your skin tone? I think these nude heels look good with certain outfits and I always like the leg-lengthening effect when I wear them, yet I haven’t found myself wearing them as much as I thought I would when I bought them. I’m drawn to my red shoes so often, while these guys languish in my closet.


  1. You always do great color combos. I've got a pair of nude heels too. They can be kinda hard to wear, but I think they look best with something bright (like this awesome pair of red jeans I just bought).

  2. I love that they make your legs look longer and I need all the help I can get in that department.

  3. I feel that nude heels are a definite essential piece in a spring/summer wardrobe. I think they look very feminine with pastel colors, but I guess there's a point where it will just appear a little pasty. They'll go great with any bold outfit; nude shoes will be a subtle statement to go with the pizzazz of any outrageous look.


  4. I don't have any nude coloured shoes. I find I am really particular in liking how they are used! I don't think I could pull off the look with outfits on my own.

    I love your little dragonfly pin and how it matches the skirt in these pictures!

  5. Love how easy it is to match nude shoes with anything!
    Love your outfits in this blog so I'm following you now. would love it if you did the same :)

  6. As I absolutely love red shoes (they're the best!) I am finding myself into tan/nude shoes a lot lately! I have nude ballerinas and nude classic courts in my wishlist hehe!
    That said, I just wanted to say I've been a bit away but still haven't forgot the blogs I love, like yours, and have been reading on google reader despite not commenting! :)

  7. i think all of my nude shoes have a pop of color on them somewhere - unless i really force myself, i always end up buying stuff much louder than nude shoes, although i do think they look great on you here. i think i have those urban shoes in seafoam green, and although they aren't the most comfortable, they are such a perfect shape. . .

  8. first off, i love that color combo-- you are so good with your colors!

    and yes, i ADORE nude shoes. i wore them the day i got married, that's how much i love them. they totally lengthen the legs!

  9. First of all, I LOVE your nude heels.
    That felt sort of weird to write...
    Second of all, I bought a pair of nude sandals this summer. I love them, but I don't always wear them because they make my feet feel sort of naked. And today, I bought a pair of nearly nude peep-toe flats from Urban Outfitters because I want them for teaching. I hope I actually wear them.

  10. Cute mustard top, I love the cut. I always love nude shoes on other people but they never seem to work on me. :( They look awesome on you though!


  11. I would love a pair of nude-colored shoes! I think they are so pretty. Great colors in this outfit, and it works perfectly with the shoes!

  12. way gorgeous & I'm all for nude heels. xo

    p.s. I'm having a sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!

  13. I own a pair of nude heels and I wear them in almost every outfitpost! They're not really thàt nude, since they're a bit more beige than my skincolor but I really love them! + they were cheap & they're comfy! x

  14. PS- I almost bought some reddish-pink wedges and thought of you. I think I need a real job before I can buy anymore shoes. It's hard to pay normal prices for things after finding great shoes thrifting.

  15. Your pin is just gorgeous :)

    I love nude (and white shoes too). I don't know how I ever made my assortment of colourful tights work without them. I very much like the tone in tone of seeing them on bare legs too though :)

  16. I'm a bright shoe kinda girl, but I think nude shoes look gorgeous paired with outfits that have bolder colors (like your yellow top). They pull everything together and makes the look really elegant.

    I just found your blog and love it! Newest follower!


  17. love those shoes! I need a pair just like them for some neutral outfits I have.

    I've been on vacation the last 2 weeks. I've missed reading your blog!



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