Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Top, skirt, belt and shoes: thrifted

I love how Zeus decided to pose for some outfit photos on a day when I’m wearing a leopard-print belt. He’s even sort of posed the same way as me. I just need a tail sticking out to my right side. Hmm, now I’m kind of tempted to Photoshop that in. Yeah, I know I’m weird.

It would be cool if I could take photos holding Zeus sometime, too, but he would never stand for that. He does NOT like to be picked up, even though he comes and sits on my lap all the time when we’re indoors.


  1. Cute outfit- The pop of red with the shoes is adorable!

  2. Your kitty is adorable, mine also doesn't like being picked up, she only puts up with it when you a lifting her to a delicious bowl of tuna juice.
    Love this skirt it's a great color.and the detail at the top of this sweater is cute. those are the little things I always forget to look for in thrift stores.

  3. My dog George won't let us pick him up either. He freaks out and crouches down or runs away if you threaten to pick him up. It's pretty funny.

    I love your olive green skirt and with the red shoes and leopard belt. Very cute look!

  4. Yay for kitties! Mine frequently makes surprise appearances in the background as well!

  5. I am seriously loving the way you and Zeus have matching poses :) Too cool.

  6. I like all these colours togeher and then your pretty red shoes. My Mindy cat says Hello to Zeus.

  7. He needs a pair of tiny red shoes!
    You always find the best skirts.

  8. I love the colors! And the cat. Also, I will need that belt. Great outfit.

  9. One word sums up how I feel about this outfit: lovely.




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