Friday, February 11, 2011

Pixie Chick

Skirt: Forever 21
Sweater: thrifted, J. Crew
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Coach

I’m so happy to have my hair short again! I love that I can do it in less than 10 minutes when it’s at this length. The interview I was supposed have today got rescheduled for Monday, so once I heard that, I changed out of my interview outfit (I was going to wear what I wore for my “Comedy Night” blog post) and into this. The Coach bag was a gift from my aunt, uncle and cousin when I finished my M.A. in English two years ago. It’s so light and comfortable to wear while walking around.

Since I worked on that freelance project recently, I had a little extra money to spend this week, and I used what was left over after paying for my haircut to, of course, shop today. When you do a small project while collecting unemployment and report it to the California EDD as “piecework,” they deduct 75% of the amount you earned from your unemployment benefits, but the remaining 25% is not deducted, so you end up with some extra cash. I was really nervous about filling out the form correctly, but everything worked out as it was supposed to!

I also just have to mention that this is without a doubt the warmest winter I have ever experienced in Southern California, and I’ve lived here my entire life. It really hasn’t been cold during the day here for about a month, and even then it wasn’t that cold. Usually we have a couple of hot weeks in February, but this is ridiculous.


  1. I just got internet! Well not really...I'm at the university stealing theirs. It will take 10 days to get internet at the apartment. Your hair looks adorable!

    PS: It's summer here and freezing. I'm quite envious...

  2. Love your haircut and esppecially love the colour of your jumper :)

  3. Adorable hair! I always love when you cut it short. UGHHH, I want to cut mine all off sooo bad, but I know I don't have the money for up keep. I am just hoping to hack at least 4 inches off on mine if I can find the allowance.

    Also GREAT to know about the piece work! As you know, I've been wondering. I thought it was 100% they took!



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