Monday, September 3, 2012

Cat Show


Last weekend I went to the annual Santa Monica Cat Show with two of my friends, and yes, it was fabulous. We’d been wanting to go for a couple years and were so excited to finally make it happen! If you’re ever in the area the last weekend of August (and obsessed with cats) I recommend checking it out. The judges were entertaining and informative, plus the cats seemed to enjoy being judged! Part of the judging for each cat involved play time with a large feather toy. The best part: whenever a judge was making a final decision, the cats would stare at her or him like they were waiting to see if they won. It was hilarious. And whenever a ribbon was placed on a cage, the cat would start batting at it! More photos below if you’re interested in seeing what went on...

CatShow2 CatShow4 CatShow5 CatShow6 CatShow7 CatShow9 CatShow10 CatShow11 CatShow12 CatShow13 CatShow14 CatShow15 CatShow16


  1. Haha cat show! That's so fun! And you looked super cute in your high-waisted skirt too.

  2. well that is certainly an interesting show :) I'm more of a dog person but I can find the loveliness in cats too.

  3. Lots of cute kittys! I especially love persians & ragdolls.

    P.s I love your skirt too, what a cool style



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