Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifted Thursday No. 40


Top: thrifted Sag Harbor
Skirt: thrifted Harvé Benard
Shoes: thrifted Cappagello
Lipstick: Revlon Fire & Ice

Oh boy, I never get tired of finding new-to-me short-sleeved sweaters in thrift stores! Yes, I’m very predictable. Also, if you knew where I work, you’d probably find it pretty funny that I dress like this. Let’s just say I’m employed by a retailer known for their, um, sexiness. Hint, hint.


And because I can’t stop taking pictures of my cat, here’s Zeus in front of our neighbors’ VW:



  1. I wish I had your good luck at thrift stores. You always manage to find the cutest stuff that fits you wonderfully. I always manage to find books.

  2. i'm propably your biggest fan of your short-sleeved sweater style, even i don't like wearing short sleeved sweaters because my arms get cold so easy ;)

  3. I love how many short sleeved sweaters you own! It's kind of your signature item, and I love it. They suit you! This striped one is very cute and I enjoy how colorful it is. It looks wonderful with the yellow skirt.



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