Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifted Thursday No. 39


Sweater: thrifted Alfred Dunner
Skirt: thrifted Dana Buchman
Shoes: thrifted Cappagello
Lipstick: Revlon Fire and Ice

It’s still hot in the L.A. area, but our office has been freezing lately, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to start wearing sweaters again because I’m sick of my summer clothes. I like how this outfit is made up of items from sort of, well, middle-aged lady brands yet kind of works. Well, I think so, although it would work better if there wasn’t a big crease in my skirt.



  1. That first picture is beautiful! The lighting is so great. Love the sweater and skirt.

  2. i love the light in these photos! so great. and i wish my work was cold and not outside in a barn. i am so over summer clothes. i've been wearing them for MONTHS now.

  3. Hooray for sweaters! I wore a very thin one on Friday. It was still a little too warm, but I'm getting sick of summer clothes too. Anyway, I really love the color of your skirt! And your cool shoes.

  4. So mod! I love that skirt.

    <3 Melissa



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