Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 Skirt 4 Ways

So...another one of these posts. You know what that means: I haven’t had time for new outfit photos lately. But I do like looking back at the different ways I’ve worn something. This time I thought I’d feature my thrifted navy blue bebe skirt. I think this skirt must have been made in the ’90s, when bebe had a lot of workwear. It’s made of a nice crepe material and fits perfectly. I wish all my pencil skirts fit this well!

Comedy Night
Besides wearing this out to a comedy show with Jasen, I also wore it for a job interview at Disney Store’s corporate office, which is in Pasadena. I was trying to look kind of “Disney” by wearing colors from the Sleeping Beauty castle graphic. I didn’t get that job, but it turned out to be for the best since it was only part-time.

Of course I had to wear this skirt in an obvious nautical way too. Aww, and there’s my old gold Tignanello bag that I had to replace with a silver version after the original literally fell apart.

Thrifted Thursday No. 30
Looking at this again is reminding me that I need to wear these vintage shoes more often. They are pretty cool. Also, I’m glad I bought this sweater at Goodwill even though it’s by a kind of lame brand that I think is/was sold at JC Penney.

It's Not Easy Finding Green
I really like the colors of this outfit and that it’s mostly thrifted. The only problem with it is that that dang ruffle on the top makes it hard to layer with a cardigan, so I haven’t worn this to work again.


  1. I love these posts, it's nice to see that you wear things more than once! It does fit you beautifully xo

  2. I like all the ways you've styled this skirt but the last shot is my fave. I love the pop of the white belt

  3. Hooray remix post! I have a navy blue skirt like that too and this post reminds me that I should try to wear it again!

  4. great skirt. my fav is the comedy night outfit with a little sleeping beauty twist. love it.




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