Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drop Waist

Dress: thrifted
Cardigan: Marshalls
Tights: Target
Shoes: Naturalizer

Goodwill, I love you. And I love this drop-waist dress that you had on one of your racks.

I never thought I’d love a ruffly drop-waist dress so much, but when I tried this on I HAD to have it. It’s so short that Goodwill sold it to me for the price of a top, but as long as I wear it with tights, the length isn’t a problem. It makes a cool swishing sound when I walk too. I decided to goth it up a bit with the long black cardigan, black tights, black shoes and Revlon Blackberry lipstick.

Has anyone ever heard of a brand or store called The Emporium? That’s what the tag on this dress says, and next to it there’s a Star of David. And all the other tags look like they’re in Chinese or Japanese.


  1. That dress is such a great find! It looks wonderful on you :)
    Oh, and that shade of lipstick is lovely as well! I always want to try wearing lipstick but never know what shade to start with.

  2. Such a cute style of dress, I love dropped waists cause they are so comfy.

  3. That dress is absolutely amazing, what an incredible find! I wish I could wear drop waists but they dislike me immensely.
    That lippy is gorgeous on you - 90's chic xo

  4. Awww I love this dress...though I must admit my heart sank a little when I read it was thrifted and I couldn't go get one for myself!!

  5. you have the best luck at Goodwill! I went to my local shop last weekend and came out with three books.

  6. This dress is a fantastic find. The buttons down the front are just adorable.

  7. Love this. It's so simple and pretty. I like how simply you've styled it, too.

  8. Heather, this dress is divine! I also love your lipstick. I've always wanted to try a lipstick in this shade. I'll check out Revlon soon!

  9. I would have had to have it too! It's so cute and I love how you styled it.

  10. Cool dress! I never wear drop waisted dresses (I don't have any so that makes it easy) but I would have definitely picked up this one if I'd seen it at my Goodwill! It's so cute and ruffly! I really like how you paired the black tights and cardigan with it.



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