Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Favorites

Starting this month, I’m going to be featuring some of my favorite outfits from other blogs. I really like how Raquel of Black Sheep posts monthly outfit favorites, so I decided to do the same! These are a few of the looks that I loved this month.

Stories Read Aloud

 Sock Monkey and Gee
Custard Heart Vintage 
The Styling Dutchman

  Homerun Ballerina

  Fashion Forestry

Black Sheep

 Lucy and the Runaways
Coco Maria


 La Vie C’est Yeye


  1. Great idea...I may actually steal it down the line :) I can see definite reflections of your style in a lot of these lovely pics.

  2. Oh man, the feed-version of your post really borked the nice formatting you had here! I was all, "I don't know what is happening!"

    I love so many of these outfits, this is a great idea for a feature. I have a particular fondness for Kitsune-Kun's. I am so sad she made the dress, because that means I can't find another one like it! Haha.

  3. i'm honored to be featured in this list you've got here! thanks sweets! xoxo

  4. ahh! you're so sweet to include me! love your other choices too. . . lots of inspiration for the mining here. xo

  5. I love this idea for a post, and you sure picked some great outfits to include! I love Stories Read Aloud and Custard Heart Vintage, and I'm so glad to see them featured!! :)

  6. Love all of these, and your blog!!

    Following you - stop by soon :-)


  7. oh yay! thanks love. <3
    i have always loved this idea for a post..not only do you get great outfit ideas but also find new blogs to look at! ;)

  8. Aww I am so honoured you got inspired both by my outfit and monthey feature! :D Thanks for the mentions!



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