Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifted Thursday No. 16

Blouse, skirt, shoes and bag: thrifted

I had a more interesting (well, in my opinion) outfit planned for today involving a short-sleeved sweater, but it was just not happening now that the weather is heating up again. Instead I went for this light blouse and short skirt. Sometimes I feel like I have way too much office attire and not enough casual clothing, which makes sense since I worked in offices for several years before losing my last full-time job. Then again, I still like dressing up a bit and plan on finding another office job, so why drastically change my wardrobe at this point?

In a comment on my last blog post, Courtney asked if I work all day in heels. Well, when I worked in an office, yes, I did. When I work from home, I don’t wear any shoes, but I wear heels out running errands, thrifting, reading at the library, etc. I mostly wear low heels or wedges, though. I know heels aren’t good for my feet, but they’re just so cute! 


  1. I agree on the heels! I actually prefer low heels over flats. Sandals or flip flops are exceptions, but I just cannot stand walking around in a flat shoe anymore...which is why I love loafers with even a one inch heel or even just the simple comfort of a wedge. It also just makes me feel so fabulous. haha

    Darling blouse...gotta love your thrifted finds, girl!

  2. I really love that basic skirt you're wearing. The pretty blouse looks great with it. I wish I had more places to wear heels. I have to walk to class each day during the school year and it's just not practical to walk in heels. It makes me sad haha

  3. Cute! I need to look into finding more cute blouses for myself now that my depressed t-shirt era is coming to a close...

  4. That outfit is so pretty, I love the print of your blouse and your adorable hairstyle!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. I love the print on your blouse! Your outfits is office appropriate while still being very fashionable and unique- that is hard to do!

    I wish I could say that I'm a heel person, but I usually only wear flats except for special occasions. I'm already 5'10" without heels, and if I am in heels I feel like a giraffe!

  6. Nice skirt! I like the print of it a lot especially with that shirt =)

  7. I know what you mean- I work in an office and I find that because I dress 5 days a week in professional clothing that often spills over into what I wear on other days as well. But it's ok, I kinda like running around in heels and pretty dresses!

  8. Hey! I got a little shout out! Exciting. I feel sort of famous.
    One of my very best friends (I met her in grad school, but she got me a job a few years after that) used to wear heels almost everyday to work. We worked in publishing (in an office) and I was constantly impressed with her creative outfits. I think I have a hard time in heels because I have bad feet from dancing. The arches are always killing me. But I like the idea of low heels. And wedges are actually very comfortable.



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