Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skirty 30

Top: Susina
Skirt: thrifted (maybe vintage) Ann Stevens New York
Shoes: thrifted, Naturalizer

A while back I mentioned that I had bought another skirt that needed the hem fixed before I could wear it. Well, this is it! I couldn’t resist it at Goodwill because I thought the print was so interesting and I love jewel tones.

I wonder a lot whether I should change the name of my blog. I knew when I started it that I would eventually have more than 29 skirts, but I needed a name to start with and figured, “Hey, it will always be fine because I started with 29.” And I started the blog at age 29, so...yeah, that was my logic. Maybe I’ll think of something better at some point, but for now I guess I’ll stick with it.


  1. Loving that top, such a lovely color!

  2. Love everything about that skirt the colours, style and length!

  3. you are amazing at the skirt/shirt combo. i always love your color and proportion choices.

  4. I like your blog name! I think it's really cute.



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