Friday, March 4, 2011

'40s But Shorter

Dress: Moulinette Soeurs
Cardigan: Rubbish
Socks: For Love 21
Shoes: Target
Bag: thrifted

I love how this dress from Anthropologie has a 1940s look but with a hemline that falls above the knee and that interesting asymmetry thing going on. I bought this on sale at some point, but I can’t remember if it was last summer or the summer before. I’ve worn it several times with this yellow cardigan because I feel like the print needs something to brighten it up. It’s a pretty enough print with colors that I like, but I keep thinking about a review someone posted on the Anthro website saying that it looked “too drab.”

Also, I’m so excited that it was warm enough today to wear these little rose-print socks instead of tights. I was at a For Love 21 store the other day, and they had a whole bunch of super cute socks like this for $0.95 per pair. I also bought some gray ones with hot pink bows. I might have to go back and get more. I remember polka dots, hearts, stripes, mushrooms...SO many that I wanted.


  1. This dress is so pretty! It's such a great colour, you could wear it with pretty much any bright because it's a perfect neutral khaki green! It would look great with turquoise or robin's-egg blue! Or coral... or purple! Haha I love thinking of colour combinations.
    Also, those socks are adorable, you should go back and get all of them. Or at least the mushroom ones ;)
    M xo

  2. I love that dress especially with the cardi it makes it pop, your socks are so cute as well.

  3. oh so cute! I love that you used socks. This dress looks cuter in this outfit than any other time I've seen you wear it.

  4. I always have loved this dress. Wasn't this a lunchtime try on party item? El oh el that person who said it was drab. The colours are rich and beautiful and the silhouette just divine!

  5. love it!!!
    great post!!!!
    amazing!follow u now!!=D

  6. This dress on you is seriously too amazing for words.




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